Our Responsibility

At Jamrow we are committed to Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility across our operations. We are committed to pursuing excellence in customer service, employee health and safety, risk management while protecting our natural resources and strengthening the ties to the local communities where we operate.


Employees and Stakeholders

We promote open and constructive relationships with employees, regulatory agencies, public officials and contractors, and share information across the supply chain. We follow internationally recognized human rights standards in every region in which we operate. Jamrow is proud of its history of compliance and its commitment to adhere to ethical principles for labour, environment, health and safety and management systems. We integrate, communicate and apply these principles in everything we do.

Environmental Balance

We strive to balance environmental stewardship, social responsibility and profitable growth wherever we do business. For this reason our customers believe in the integrity of our business and trust our products. We leverage our long-standing partnerships with our customers and work with our employees and suppliers to develop sustainable best practices and innovative ideas throughout our supply chain.

Our Suppliers

Beyond our own operations, Jamrow engages and encourages our suppliers on sustainable sourcing, product integrity, quality specifications and specific raw material standards. Collaboration is critical to our business. We are constantly looking to strengthen our relationships with our suppliers and the local communities where we operate. Building strong links and giving back to our local communities is critically important to Jamrow.

Environmental Stewardship

Natural resources including water, energy and raw materials are key inputs to our operations. Jamrow maintains an environmental management program designed to ensure compliance, manage risks, capitalize on opportunities and minimize environmental impacts. The focus yields sustainable outcomes to our climate, communities and customers.